Posted by: drewdice | May 7, 2009

Learning, Living, Loving and Laughing

Welcome to my first Human Learning blog posting.

The intention behind this blog is to provide ideas, thoughts and information that fosters creative thinking and offers new perspectives to which people can look for opportunities to learn.

Our world is changing fast. Cultures are shifting and evolving. Global economic power is shifting at a feverish pace. Governments and countries are challenged with situations that we’ve never before encountered, and while the experts are working feverishly not only to predict how this will all shake out, but also to restore confidence, I believe that we will not pave the path forward by jumping to all of the answers.

Now, more than ever, we need to ask questions, and lots of them. The world leaders, current and emerging, need to question how and why we got here. In Fool’s Gold, by Gillian Tett, she does a great job of relating how some of the world’s smartest people worked to assess the risk associated with creating the large mortgage backed securities, and the “what if” scenarios that could occur if things went dramatically bad. The reality of the situation is that we had no past examples to refer to as points of reference, and so we fell into a dangerous way of thinking which is that these very smart people couldn’t be suggesting we do these things if there were a significant chance of things imploding, right? Even though some of the fact finders and researchers had gut feelings that things could go wrong, nobody stood up and said “Hey folks, can we really afford even a .5% chance of this happening? Do you really understand what that could mean???”

For us to move our businesses, countries and the world forward, we’ve got to question things like never before, and really weigh all of the “what if” scenarios. Edward de Bono’s Six Thinking Hats provides a great way to do this, relating different colored hats as perspectives on a particular situation. We need to wear our black and green hats to think critically and creatively about our decisions. While we can look to history for some basic references, we’ve never had this complexity of scenarios in our country, let alone the planet. While businesses rightfully operate (as mine does) to generate profit, leaders need to consider at what cost those profits should be derived. What are the risks of the way a business is run? What incentives does the leader, and the employees within the firm have to challenge current thinking to create better ways of operating? What incentives and accountability are in place to ensure that governments and countries operate in a way that fosters open trade and the growth of poverty stricken countries, without creating a dangerous imbalance of power?

Much of this post are somewhat streaming thoughts that have danced in my head for some time now. I certainly don’t have the answers, but encourage all of us to ask more questions about how we arrived here, what it will take to get us on the “right” path forward, and how we go about writing a new history, not based on exactly what was done before, but what it will take to thrive in a global economy, where technology is the game changer like we’ve never seen before, and where we continue traveling in unchartered waters



  1. This should be fun…..because in the words of a very dear, dear friend of mine Bob Dylan “Chaos is a friend of mine”.

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