Posted by: drewdice | June 29, 2009

Loss and reflection

I can’t remember a time when there has been as much high profile and consistent loss of life than in the past week.

What I’ve found interesting is the volume of conversations, memory sharing and reflection that I’ve heard. People are vividly recalling where they were when various Michael Jackson songs were released, what age they had Farrah Fawcett pinups posted on their walls or locker, and even their favorite Billy Mays commericals.

We all have so many experiences in our every day lives, and time seems to be passing faster than ever before (at least for me), that to a large degree, many people have lost the focus on reflecting, appreciating and learning from the every day occurrences that really do shape our worlds.

People often ask me how I come up with the themes, topics and content for these posts, and I assure you, there is nothing mysterious about my recipe; there is, however, something magical. I do my best to listen, observe, digest, absorb, learn from, and share my experiences with all of you, and everyone else with whom I come in contact. I appreciate the gifts that come from my contact with others, and strive to come away better each day: at what I do, who I am, and the contributions I make to all of you.

Today’s post is short, and I’ll end by extending an invitation to you to share your reflections from the past week’s events (or your thoughts and experiences, in general). We’d love to hear what is on your mind.





  1. Death is a part of life. While not a deeply religious person, I do agree with the passage that calls for a time to every purpose unto heaven. RIP Michael, Farrah, Ed and Billy.

  2. Loss and Reflection. I would say with each loss their is definately and opportunity to reflect. Loss of any type brings forth new opportunities for positive changes, even in death. I believe in death or any type of loss there is a new found peace. As life moves forward – here and in heaven there is new awakening unlike what we had before. My heart goes out to all the family and friends of Michael, Farrah, Ed and Billy and Karl Malden (whom I saw passed this morning)

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