Posted by: drewdice | July 22, 2009

The Social Networking buzz (part 1)…

If you are like many, you are somewhere in between actively using one or more of the current social networking outlets (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), and vehemently opposed to getting involved.

I’ve spoken with, counseled, debated with and listened to so many people on this topic that I figured I’d throw it out for general conversation with all of you. I’ll even start….

So, let’s know this, first. All of your opinions and positions are correct. Where you are in the adoption/resistance curve is exactly where you should be as it relates to social networking. Realize also that, as much as you do or don’t use these avenues, you could be using them more, and you could be connecting, relating, sharing, giving, and receiving more than you are currently. More what? More everything!

From a business perspective, I’ve spoken with sales people and business owners who say they don’t want to share personal information with the general public, and they don’t want to be “found” or “friended” by people from their past. In fact, comments I’ve heard include “if I wanted to be friends with someone, I would be! I don’t need Facebook to dig up people with whom I don’t want to be in touch”. While that is a true and valid thought, social networking, to a degree, really isn’t about you. It is about “them”.

Who is “them”? Again, coming from a business perspective, “them” includes the prospect companies with whom you want to connect, the decision makers who are not taking your calls, the ambassadors who can introduce you to people that can create powerful relationships for you. Social networking allows you to observe, start and participate in conversations that are happening anyway, with or without you. That’s right, I’ll say it again…these conversations are happening with or without you. Your future clients are asking questions, discussing their business issues, looking for help, expanding their universe, and, if you aren’t looking and listening, you are missing valuable opportunities to share your gifts, offer your help, and grow your enterprise.

I won’t get into the “tactical” ways to do these things, but please know that technology is just a vehicle that makes it easier for humans to do what we’ve done for centuries: have conversations, share ideas, relate to others, find others with common interests/issues/successes, and build powerful human networks.

You are invited to play in the game, or you can sit on the sidelines as a casual observer. The choice is always yours; just know that as an observer, you are depriving others of the gift that is you and all that you offer. From a business perspective, you are also missing valuable opportunities.

Please share your thoughts and experiences about how you see/feel/participate in social networking for business (or personal).




  1. Andrew – You’ve got a gentle way of putting things in perspective. I agree with you that the conversation is happening with or without us and how we choose participate will make all the difference. I definitely want to be in the game! Thanks also for putting the focus back where it belongs – on the the customer!

  2. Great post Andrew! I write articles, give seminars and talk to lots of people about Social Media. Personally, I think its all great. However, I recognize that each person’s interaction with Social Media and their use of it for business purposes will differ. It is all a matter of what you WILL USE, what you feel comfortable with and what could potentially be a benefit to your business. Talk to your colleagues that use it, talk to your coworkers, and listen to the chatter out there. Thanks again Andrew for starting another great conversation about Social Media.

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