Posted by: drewdice | November 25, 2009

Reflections and Tradition

I cannot believe Thanksgiving is here again. It seems that as I get older, time moves faster, and the years are just streaming by. Like many of you (maybe all of you), I count my blessings regularly, altough not as regularly as I could. For whatever reason, we are conditioned to give extra thanks and reflection during this next six week holiday season, altough I’d argue that we all should make gratitude and reflection a regular practice. It would go a long way.

This year, as I think about the upcoming holidays, I feel privileged to have such a volume and depth of connections and relationships in my life. Each and every one of them has had an impact on who I am today (yes, it is YOUR fault…HA!), and for that, I am eternally thankful. I share a wonderful marriage with a woman who, for some reason, loves me with all of my faults, corniness and quirks, and who makes me a better husband, friend and human being/martian every day I live and breathe. The memories we create and legacy we’ll leave behind mean more to me than anything, and she is at the core of my motivation to be better and give more to each and every moment of my life. JoAnn, I love you more every day…you had me at Shalom!

I also think about traditions, and one of my longest standing and favorite Thanksgiving traditions, which is getting up super early the day after Thanksgiving, and mixing it up in all of the Black Friday craziness with my sister. Most of the time, we don’t actually buy very much (in fact, when we do buy stuff, somehow, we come home with gifts for us, and not the people on our actual shopping list. Not sure how that happens…). We get to reminisce about our childhood growing up together, tell the same stories that we’ve heard for the past 40 years, laugh about the things that have occurred in our lives that have led us to our current place, and enjoy one of our favorite pasttimes: people watching in the malls and stores. We eat at some of our long standing South Jersey restaurants, come home to eat Lee’s hoagies, and something about all of that brings back some of the safety and solitude we knew as kids (if only we knew then what we know now…).

What are some of your favorite Thanksgiving traditions and memories?



  1. Growing up in Northern Illinois, we often got snow by Thanksgiving time, and I loved walking through the woods with my dog in the snow after the Thanksgiving feast. The stillness and quiet and cold hard air refreshed me to the bone.

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