Posted by: drewdice | January 14, 2010


I just finished reading The e-Myth for the fourth time (maybe the 5th?), and this couldn’t have come at a better time.

Coincidentally, SMEI (Sales and Marketing Executives International) was kind enough to allow me to speak with their members about the challenges that come with change (and the times, technology, and landscape is changing faster every day) just the other day. My intention was to speak about how to do more with less, how to deal with changing roles and responsibilities in the workplace, especially in the context of job and budget cuts and increasing pressure to do more with less. We did discuss those topics and more, but during the course of our time together, we also got into the topic of alignment within an organization. This is what prompted me to create this entry today.

The particpants brought up various reasons how misalignment shows up within organizations: oversell/underdeliver, goals and compensation not in sync, leadership disconnect from the rest of the team, and so on. My favorite part of the e-Myth book is the section on primary aims, and how critical it is for individuals to find and follow their primary aims in life (I call this the passion). At the heart of all of the issues voiced at the SMEI program, I kept thinking: I bet most of these organizations (and the people within them) are not following their primary aim. If they were, here is what I would expect to see (and hear):

Leaders who clearly communicate the vision and purpose of the organization (vision and purpose, in my opinion = primary aim/passion)

That vision and purpose come to life every day, with every customer interaction (internal and external customers)

Employees and team members that consistently innovate (within the framework of the given vision and purpose of the organization) to better serve the customer (after all, isn’t part of EVERY primary aim to spread the joy associated with the stated vision and purpose, and to enroll others in this journey?)

Customers who enthusiastically become advocates, evangelizing the vision and purpose of the organization, creating endless streams of business.

Sound crazy? It isn’t. More than not crazy, it is entirely within reach of every current and future business owner (yes, YOU!).

This is about gaining clarity on your primary aim, following it, and not accepting anything less but the relentless pursuit of realizing that aim. Doing it and living it most of the time just is not ok. Not if this is truly your primary aim. Tireless. Relentless. Insatiable. This is you in your quest.

DWYSYWD, and start by fulfilling your primary aim every second of every day. You (and the world around you) deserves nothing less.




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