Posted by: drewdice | January 28, 2010

The Drag

I was having breakfast with a friend the other morning, and while he shared a bit about how things were going at work, I couldn’t help but think about how many times I hear similar sentiments from others. Here are some of the themes:

-Leadership changes fairly regularly
-New leadership = new direction = scrapping what we’ve been doing = confusion = frustration
-There is a lack of communication among different departments or business units, creating silos and a lack of production
-Leadership doesn’t see the same things we see every day. They have a different perspective of how things are going
-Our leaders are indecisive, and when they do make decisions, sometimes they just don’t make good business sense

Ouch. Big ouch. Huge ouch. Even Curad, the “ouchless” bandaids (whatever happened to them, anyway?) couldn’t help these issues.

So, what is a person or organization with these symptoms to do?

It all starts with leadership alignment. Here are some questions an organization can consider to make sure the company is heading in the right direction (or, ways to discover where things may have gotten off track)

-What is our main purpose, or primary aim? Why are we in business? (A person could also relate this to herself individually, as well. The application here is not just for business)
-How are we fulfilling our promise to customers every day?
-Do the people we have on our team share the same vision and values? How do we know?
-How can we attract more people who do share our vision and values?
-Does our organization know where we are going, why we are going there, and what role(s) each person plays in the mission?
-Does our organizational structure, including uses of technology, support our mission? How do we know?

These are just some inspection points, and there are plenty of others to consider.

The “drag” on energy, performance, productivity and morale exists much more than it should. Each of us has the opportunity to reduce this. What do we do with this opportunity?

I’m curious to hear about your experiences on this topic. Please feel free to share publicly or privately.



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