Posted by: drewdice | February 26, 2010

How does everything look so far?

While doing some shopping last night, my wife and I decided to stop into the Cheesecake Factory for dinner last night.

One thing about the experience stands out for me, and I want to share it with you.

After receiving our food, our server, Ashley, came back to our table fairly promptly to inquire “How does everything look so far?”.

I found this an interesting (and refreshing) question. Most of the time, servers come by the table, before I even have time to take a bite, to inquire “How does everything taste?” (or something like this, referring to the quality of the meal). I find the latter scenario annoying at best, and a statement about the atrocious level of attention and service at worst. Most customer service and sales people make cursory inquiries, are not listening, are not prepared to take action based on the feedback received, and don’t particularly care what the customers say anyway (my assessment is based on personal experience, observation and what I see in sales professionals NOT accomplishing their personal or business goals. Feel free to disagree).

My experience at the restaurant made me think about the hundreds of sales people with whom I have interacted, the few that “get it” and consistently surpass their goals, and the majority who struggle, seek ways to outsmart customers and prospects, who complain continuously about factors that lead to their inconsistent success and frequent failures.

Success is readily available to all, and prospects and customers WANT to spend money. The question is: are you paying attention?




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