Posted by: drewdice | April 12, 2010

The 4 things

Amidst all of the day to day clutter that can cloud one’s direction, focus and attention, stay rooted to the thought that one of my favorite high school teachers used to say to me: When faced with complex issues and challenges, break things down to their most basic elements, and stay focused on the fundamentals.

As you strive to grow your business (and/or practice, career, and relationships), here are 4 of those basic elements that will help you succeed:

1. Life is short. What are you creating? Think about your purpose or primary aim. Staying connected to this, and aligning your choices, thoughts and behaviors with this will lead you to create value and wealth for others, which, in turn will provide you more than what you desire.

2. 70% of learning happens informally. Research shows that adults learn better informally, so make sure you put yourself, and those that you lead, in situations where they can do their best learning. Examples of this include coaching, mentoring, observations, live participation (ride-a-longs with senior sales team members or managers). This will greatly increase the velocity of time-to-proficiency for new hires, and elevate the game of your senior staff members.

3. Social Networking has nothing to do with you. If you are still struggling with whether to join this movement, or just aren’t sure what to do “out there”, remember that this is still about giving others what they want and need, not to get what you want. So, get involved in conversations where your customers, prospects and ambassadors/advocates are, and engage in relevant, meaningful dialogue. You will increase the bond you have with them, and they will be happy to evangelize your message

4. Trust is still king. Sincerity, competence, and reliability, as my good friends at EntreQuest and I used to say, paves the way to long lasting, reciprocal relationships. It is very hard to trump a relationship steeped in trust. Get there.

Please feel free to share your basic elements of success with us!

Serve well. Create a buying environment. Have fun.



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