Posted by: drewdice | May 26, 2010

The Change Challenge

Why is change so hard? Scratch that. New question. Is change so hard?

Working to develop hundreds of sales professionals over the year, I’ve seen rookies, seasoned veterans, converts from other roles and industry experts who switch tracks. It doesn’t really matter. The fact is that some people handle change very well and thrive, and others toil, struggle, wither and perish. There are many reasons for the delta between the two, and I’ll share a few thoughts as to why. I’d love for you to weigh in with your thoughts on the topic, as well.

Change starts with a mindset. Whether shifting roles, companies, managers (or, in one’s personal life, relationships, moving locations), if a person is not properly aligned with their new situation, failing to achieve the intended objectives is almost guaranteed. Alignment, in my opinion = cultural beliefs, values, definitions of success, what is required to win, timelines for achieving milestones. One has to believe in her heart of heart that this move is the right one, for the right reasons.

Resourcefulness is not negotiable. Everyone needs resources to succeed, no doubt about it. But more important than the resources is the knowledge of what to do with them. Can resourcefulness be learned? Possibly, but I’ll say that in consistent top producers, they just “get it”. They know how to surround themselves with the right resources and know how and when to leverage them

Insatiable hunger for winning. More often than not, the long term, consistent high achievers who build social and financial wealth, drive to have customers win first (their personal wins come as a by product of the customer wins). Make no mistake, though, high achievers take this drive with them wherever they go. Regardless of the change, winning happens. Period. This ties back to mindset. Winning is absolutely a mindset. It never sleeps. It never rests. It never takes a day off. Do you have it?

What would you add to the recipe for mastering the change challenge?


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