Posted by: drewdice | June 8, 2010

It is not what you know…

In college, I remember my professors, advisors and other adults in my life telling me that my education would serve me well, but what was really going to make a difference in my path was who I knew, as opposed to what I knew.

At that time, I’m not sure that these folks knew how right they were, just not in the way they thought.

When we seek advice, counsel, recommendations and help, we’ll go to our trusted peers and network first. This is the same as it ever was. The difference now is that with the continued development of technology, who makes up ouru trusted peers and network has grown, flattened, widened (you name it) more than ever before, so we have access to data, information and knowledge to which we would have previously never had.

Vehicles like Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube (to name only a few of my personal favorites) make it so much easier than ever to help us make better, more informed decisions, learn things that would otherwise have taken much longer, and most importantly (in my opinion) give us the ability to improve performance like never before.

Sometimes, when business owners hear the terms “social networking” or “social media”, they automatically think that time is being wasted, and that these things couldn’t possibly have anything to do with the business at hand, growing sales, improving bottom lines or anything connected to improving business performance. Nothing could be further from the truth. Think of it this way:

Using these outlets and avenues allows individuals to focus on their primary functions and to become highly skilled and proficient in these areas. The collaboration that the social outlets provide give people the ability to tap into other subject matter experts when needed, as often as needed, for the subjects needed. When functions or tasks are not routine (yet, or ever), there may be no need to commit them to memory. What is needed to have access to those who possess the right information, at the right time, under the right circumstances. Others will view and access you in much the same way. Much like people used to physically surround themselves with a “thinktank” or “mastermind group”, we can do this in more powerful ways than ever before.

Think about the knowledge, access and power that we can harness and use to improve personal and business performance by operating in this fasion.

Consider, who do you know (and who do they know, and who do they know……)

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