Posted by: drewdice | June 28, 2010


I find the playoffs and finals of any sporting season exciting for so many reasons, one of which is listening to the athletes discuss how they prepare for moments that may define their legacy in their respective sport.

Some talk about preparing in seclusion, blocking out the rest of the world; some talk about the importance of maintaining their regular routine and rhythm, so they stay in the flow that got them to their current place and time; yet others talk about just enjoying the moment, because they do not know if they’ll ever be back.

This got me to thinking about how “normal” people prepare for their championship moment, and, in fact, how each of us defines such moment. For me, I do my best to treat every day and every interaction as such a time, because I just never know what interaction, conversation, or relationship may change the rest of someone’s life. Here are a few of my favorite ways to prepare for those game changing moments:

Be there: If you have every heard of the FISH! philosophy, this is one of the core tenants. Being there requires that a person totally immerse herself where her customer is, as opposed to focusing on what she wants. I find that being there, every time, for every interaction creates a powerful chemistry and enables long lasting, reciprocal relationships

Be authentic: The world has enough “posers”, you know, people who pretend to be interested, and who come on strong, talking the talk about wanting to help others, creating relationships that are mutually beneficial, blah, blah, blah. The “blah” for me happens when these folks act, and their actions speak so loudly that I no longer hear anything they say. Being one’s authentic self is endearing, and breaks down the barriers that might exist if others are to busy wondering if you’ll be true to your word.

Be consistent: Nothing confuses people more than not knowing which “you” will arrive for a conversation or interaction. Like the points listed above, this applies for business and personal lives. Consistency is a core component in building trust, and trust is the foundation for everything in life.

Be passionate:For me, this is my personal favorite (which is hard to say, since all of these are critical). Passion trumps just about everything. Personal passions fuel the fire that drives us every day, regardless of how “good” or “bad” things may seem. Without passion, we are just a shell, going through motions, and believe me, others can sense a lack of passion a mile away (can’t you sense it when you engage with someone who isn’t passionate about their craft, their place in life, and, sometimes, sadly, about themselves?)

Today contains your next championship moments. Are you ready?



  1. Great point of view, Andrew. I appreciate the reminder to continue practicing presence and the opportunity to reflect on what a “present” it is to me when I receive that kind of effort and respect from others, and what I experience when I don’t receive it. It seems to me that being aware and staying in the moment as I am interacting with others provides the best possible conditions for trust, the foundation of deep, complete relationships, to grow. Sure sounds simple, but it ain’t easy. I’ll keep on practicing. Thanks again for the reminder.

    • Kim,

      You are spot on with your assessment of the best possible conditions for building trust and creating the foundation for deep, complete relationships to grow. Not only do you speak the words, but also you are a good example of putting theory into action. We are all works in progress. Keep up the great development!

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