Posted by: drewdice | June 30, 2010

The Gateway

Today is the gateway to living into your personal mission in life: your BHAG, your personal aim, your calling, you get the point.

Funny. I get ribbed sometimes about always being positive (an optimist?), always “on fire”, and throwing out positive messages and vibes to the universe through the various social networks. One friend actually told me he thought my daily musings were a bunch of bunk (my word; he used a much different four letter word), until we got to talking about what drives me, and how my primary aim in life is to help people and organizations learn and perform better than they could before they interacted with me. Another told me that when JoAnn whisked me away for a surprise 40th birthday trip to Paris, that I should write a blog on the “3 strategic strategies for having an awesome 40th birthday”. I loved that one. Seriously, I laughed out loud. Point is, maybe my musings resonate a bit, and people realize that there is someone (many someones, acutally) that cares about how others are performing and getting along with achieving their personal goals. It is true. I do (and I think you do, too). So, the things I write and say, sometimes show up as thoughts that could motivate and drive someone forward.

Corny? Sometimes. Authentic. Always.

So, today I’m thinking about you achieving your short and long term goals. As I write this, it is the last day of the 2nd quarter of 2010, and I’m wondering how you are faring against your goals for the year. Are you performing better than expected? On par? Behind targets? While we could create the argument that only the first option is acceptable, the reality is that all three are just fine. For now.

The question (double questions, actually) is: do you know how you got here, and what will you do about it?

As you consider this, here are some points to consider that can accelerate your progress past the commitments you made for the year (by the way, I’m not just talking about sales goals here…)

Document history and present: Review and reflect what you said you would accomplish. If this is not already written down, write it; with specificity. This may not be easy for some of you, because once it is in writing, it is, well, official. That is the point. Be accountable to yourself. (You are not living your life to please anyone other than yourself. Fulfill your personal commitments and I assure you, others in your life will be thrilled and proud.) Where did you say you would be, and where are you?

Mind the GAP: Doing a gap analysis (whether over or under goal) provides critical insight into things that one should do more of, less of, and places where things should be erased or created. Without hitting the pause button to truly reflect and learn, no sustainable change will occur moving forward. Think about internal and external factors that impacted performance, and focus on the ones within your control. For example, you cannot do anything about global economic shifts, but you can listen to what your customers are experiencing, and look for areas where you can help.

Show resolve and commitment: Nobody is perfect, so, if that is your aim, please change your sights. You will fail, you will miss targets, you will have moments of weakness. It really is ok. The question is, can you learn, quickly, from those occurrences and get better? Be relentless in your pursuits, whether that is to be a better spouse, leader, community contributor, human being (you get the point). Never stop. Never give in. You and those you love deserve the best, most playful, most productive, most genuine you.

You’ve got it in you. I’ve seen it. Start now, and don’t ever stop. Today is your gateway. Enjoy the journey forward.



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