Posted by: drewdice | July 15, 2010

When I say Knowledge Velocity, you say……

I’m curious what you think of when you hear the phrase “knowledge velocity”………

Please share your thoughts; I’ll tell you more shortly……..




  1. i believe velocity is roughly the rate or speed at which something is moving.

    Perhaps knowledge velocity is the rate at which someone can absorb or learn material. Perhaps it’s the rate at which one is being bombarded by new information or material and your capacity to process that information.

    • Jared,

      Thanks for your reply and thoughts. Following your train of thoughts, if knowledge velocity could be the rate at which information flows (I’ll use that visual, as opposed to bombardment), along with an individual’s capacity to process that information, any thoughts on what a person and organization can do to help that process happen better?

  2. I look at it this way. Knowledge velocity is how fast you or your company can take info in and then turn it around. Unfortunately, most companies fail with the “turn it around” aspect. Knowing how to put the puzzle together correctly —- is better than trying to force all the pieces together very quickly. It’s a delicate balance. I’m faced with this dilemma on a daily basis.

    • Todd,

      Thanks for the perspective, and I think most organizations and people deal with this every day, whether they realize it or not. Things change so fast any more, and technology is enabling a faster of information every day. For me, one of the questions is whether organizations can identify subject matter experts (SME), harness the information and knowledge they have (not control it) and shorten the gap and time between what the SMEs know and getting that to the appropriate other people (managers, front lines, customers). Oh, and just to make it more challenging, this all needs to be done while staying in alignment with the organizational purpose, culture and focus on the customer.

      How are you handling the challenge?

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