Posted by: drewdice | August 8, 2010


Read a book, article, blog post, or listen to a podcast, webinar or audio book on productivity, goal attainment, leadership or sales and you will get a similar theme: set goals, focus on the attainment of the goals (along with some other key ingredients) and success is more likely than without goals and focus.

A funny thing happens on the way to achievement, though, and I’ve seen it all too often. With goals comes measurement (self assessment, comparison to peers, compensation tie-in, performance reviews), and frequently, this is where the train goes off the proverbial tracks for people.

If the goal is the goal, and all parties involved in this goal are aligned on what success looks like, what it will take (leading, support, coaching, counsel and effort from all involved) to achieve the goal, and why the goal is important, what happens that individuals get sidetracked and focused on what they cannot accomplish, why they cannot accomplish the goals, and what obstacles stand in the way. Not sure what I mean? How about:

– My prospects won’t pick up the phone
– (the other department) isn’t holding up their end of the bargain
– I’m not getting quality leads
– My customers don’t know what they are doing or what is good for them, and they won’t listen to me
– I’m not making enough money

These are just a few of the many manifestations of individuals focusing on what they DON’T have and what is NOT happening, as opposed to concentrating on what the individual herself CAN affect to produce positive results. To me, this is about focusing on who a person is “being” and what she is giving to the respective audiences with whom she is interacting. Whether a person subscribes to Tony Robbins’ school of thought, follows the thought process in The Secret, or lives and dies by the philosophies from one of my personal favorites, Napolean Hill, the basic premise is the same:

Keep your mind on the things you want and off the things you don’t want. As you will see when you visit Napolean Hill’s website, there is an old proverb that says “Be very careful what you set your heart on, for you will surely achieve it”. I could not agree more.

Want different, better, more, less, or something else? Check your beliefs. What stories are you telling yourself every day? On what are you focusing? The mind is an amazing thing. Be aware of how you are conditioning yours. Take an honest look; nobody else is watching. See if you are “being” who you aspire to be. You can live into that vision (and surpass it).

Live generously; share freely; live abundantly (but not in careless or reckless fashion).

Go forward.



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