Posted by: drewdice | September 13, 2010

When Fantasy becomes Reality

NFL owners, GMs, and coaches spend their lives building strategies to win championships. Part of those strategies include the culture of the organization and the talent the comprises the team.

Fantasy football owners don’t care about the culture of their “organization”, but rather only want their chosen players to perform, so they can win their respective league championships. A funny thing happens on the way to building teams designed to win championships:

– Case 1: Philadelphia Eagles trade Donovan McNabb to inter-divisional rival Washington Redskins (I still don’t understand this move), and hand the reigns of the team to Kevin Kolb, who played in something like 4 regular season games. In the 2010 season opener against Green Bay, Kolb look horrendous, and got knocked out of the game with a concussion. Enter Michael Vick, 3 time pro bowl quarterback who was suspended from football and served jail time for his involvement in dog fighting…not the poster boy for NFL man of the year. Vick played well in the 2nd half, and the Eagles almost came back to win.

If you are Andy Reid, coach of the Eagles, and Kolb is cleared to play next week, what do you do? When does a leader scrap a strategy, and how does one know when is the right time to do so? Also, if you are the owner or GM of the Eagles, can you, at some point, put your ego aside and possibly admit the McNabb trade was a bad idea? How bad would Kolb have to play, and over what period of time, before making such an admission (if ever)?

Case 2: Fantasy team has Matthew Stafford as their starting QB. He gets hurt in week 1, with what seems to be a shoulder injury. At what point does the owner of that team go out to get a new quarterback to have as an insurance policy in case Stafford is out for an extended period of time, and/or in case the now starting QB, Matt Cassell is ineffective?

In either case, the question is about when Strategy (fantasy) meets reality. In business, personal or in games, strategy is much like a fantasy game. One can make plans, create frameworks, and map the path to a winning season, year, etc, but a funny thing happens along the way: LIFE. Success or failure is often determined by one’s ability to be nimble, flexible, anticipate potential issues, and have clarity of purpose to quickly respond to speed bumps so the overall mission is not sacrificed.


  1. Now this article I really like. Somehow it speaks to me.

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