Posted by: drewdice | September 24, 2010

Speed kills

About a month ago, I asked you what came to mind when I said “Knowledge Velocity”. Let me start by saying that you all are very creative in how you think.

My favorite response was: “Helmet. Knowledge velocity sounds very fast. You better protect your noggin”.

Hey, I agree. Knowledge velocity is about speed….one way to think about it is how quickly an organization can filter through the massive stream of information that is available to get the critical points and pieces to front line performers, so those folks have the information they need, when they need it, in the right context, so they can perform their function better, serve the customer (internal and external) better, and drive the business results needed.

If an organization does not have the right culture, leadership, strategic intent and execution of that intent, you are darn right it could be painful…for the performers who do not have access to the information they need at the time of need, to the customer who is left underserved (or unserved) and to the business, which fails to gain their desired and needed returns.

In today’s very competitive markets, with the increasingly rapid pace at which technology advances and information flows, we need to either get it right, or put on that crash helmet. This could be a very bumpy ride……



  1. So you’re saying that I got the highest grade in the class……..sweeeeet!

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