Posted by: drewdice | January 27, 2011


Do the right thing. I believe most people try to live their lives with this in mind. In a complex and ever changing world, facing new and different challenges daily, innately, we know the difference between right and wrong.

As many of you know, JoAnn and I recently had to lay our dog Dice to rest after 10 years of friendship, companionship, fun, laughter, and endless memories. (Dice was 13 when he passed; I adopted him from the SPCA when he was 2 1/2 years old). This was, by far, the toughest thing I have ever had to do – yet it was the easiest decision to make. It was the right thing to do for him. We could have put him through a rough surgery (would have been his second in two years – last year, he won a battle with cancer), with no guarantee of a healthy survival, in hopes of getting a bit more time with him – but that would have been in service to our own desires, not what was best for our baby boy. It was time to let him rest and go to the open fields by the Rainbow Bridge – so he could be young, healthy, strong and play with the many friends waiting for him.

We have not said goodbye to Dice; in fact, we speak every day – him watching over us, and us seeing him in our hearts and minds (we still do wait to see him peering around a corner in our house, and think we hear him coming up the stairs to see us). This post is a bit for me – to express what is in my heart, and what JoAnn and I speak about daily; it is also for you – many of you know Dice, and had the pleasure of meeting a very unique dog – intelligent, generous, goofy, spirited, thoughtful, jealous and attention seeking and a bit sneaky – creating one of the most charming and endearing creatures I have ever met on this planet. Please do feel free to share some of your favorite memories of Dice after reading this post. I have also written this post for Dice – so he knows how much he is loved, how many hearts and lives he has touched, and the impact he made while he graced us with his presence.

With that, I will leave you with a sampling of my memories with my one of a kind best friend, Dice:

– Endless, Darth Vader-like snoring, rivaling mine, from what I’m told. It made napping with Dice relaxing, and a ritual we both enjoyed. I still remember the first time he climbed up on the couch at Foster Avenue to snuggle up (actually, he climbed ON me and laid on my chest)

– Romping around at Patterson Park, chasing footballs, playing catch, running after squirrels, and interrupting a soccer game by grabbing the ball and running away – I’m not sure the players knew what the heck was going on

-Sitting to the side in the living room when I entered the house after George ripped couch cushions, chewed the tv remote and cd cases, moved the furniture, and ripped the blinds off the window. Dice’s expression simply said: “It wasn’t me, and I TOLD him this was a very bad idea.”

– Eating a pound of Godiva chocolates that Mike had gotten his girlfriend for Christmas – oddly, no wrappers were eaten or shredded. It was as if Dice carefully took each piece out of the wrapper before eating it. Yes, we were seeing that chocolate again for a few days.

– Tearing around in the snow – Dice loves a good snowball fight – without a care in the world, endless energy, wanting to chase, be chased and enjoy the free runs

– Snuggling up with JoAnn – giving her safety and comfort – sharing big kisses with his mommy – it took a while for JoAnn to actually feel safe and totally trust this Pit Bull mix – but they each won the other’s hearts over in short order

-The endless heart to heart chats – before I proposed to JoAnn, as I contemplated career changes, as I struggled with personal challenges – Dice was (and is) always there to lend and ear, a caring heart, and to offer advice (I’m telling you, this dog has the most intelligent eyes and expressions – he is a Watcher – from Dean Koontz’s book)

-By the way, Dice never did tell me the story behind his name, but I can assure you – it has nothing to do with Andrew Dice Clay, and I did not win him in a gambling bet (two very common theories when he meets new people)

So, Dice, my friend, you are truly one of a kind. My best friend, my confidant, my playmate, my napping partner. Stay young at heart; we’ll continue talking every day, and I will look to you for guidance – please watch over us all. Until we meet again on the Rainbow Bridge. I love you.

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