Posted by: drewdice | March 7, 2011

Mirror, mirror…

Depending on where you are on the social networking/social media adoption curve, you probably have a perspective on how you leverage the various channels, such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and blogs, such as this one. Many folks still struggle with how and when to use these outlets – are they for self-promotion? establishing a personal brand? networking? (if so, how? I’ve spoken with endless people who are not believers that one can establish, nurture and grow a relationship via social networking and social media), a blend of all, or something entirely different?

Regardless of where you “are”, I will share some thoughts that may give you some additional perspective as you shape your vision –

– Community building: the various channels available to us these days makes it easier (albeit different) to find and connect with individuals, groups and businesses who share same or similar interests and passions. Seek and ye shall find. What a great way to build and expand communities of practice and communities of interest. I don’t know about you, but expanding my resources and ability to get and share valuable information has high value for me.

– Information and education: more than ever, we have access to information that will make us better, faster and stronger – and, if you build your communities appropriately, the people and businesses with whom you are connected want the same or similar things – relevant to their world, of course. You could bring massive value to your communities as a connector and aggregator and disseminator of valuable information to help others improve effectiveness.

– Searchable and relevant: if you do seek to become a valuable resource, not just to your current communities, but also to others who may seek value in the types of information you share and people you know, make it easier to be found. Yes, being found is a scary thing for some, but the reality is that if you do truly aspire to give, share, connect, and educate, why not be more gracious with yourself and your gifts? Completing a full profile on LinkedIn, for example, is a great way to do this (education, employment, giving recommendations, adding book lists, starting a blog, joining groups)

The point is, as you look at yourself “online”, consider if what you see is an accurate representation of who you want to “be”. As an objective reader of you and your stuff, would you receive what you intend to deliver to others? If not, invest the time, energy and effort to live into your vision. Others will benefit greatly, and so will you.

Please do comment and share your thoughts on this topic. We are interested in learning from you.




  1. Good stuff! Thanks for the reminder to share my gifts.

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