Posted by: drewdice | April 6, 2011

Weisure time?

As you balance the various demands that come with life (work, family, personal growth, exercise, faith….), you may have found yourself wondering what the right blend, or mix of elements is that will provide you the perfect recipe.

Well, I’m not here to give you the answer – I don’t know that there is a “one size fits all” answer anyway.

What I can share is a perspective and thoughts from which you can further explore your own ideas.

You may have heard me say that I’m not a fan of the “its not personal, its business” sentiment. I stand by that – I think it is, among other things, a cop-out and just flat out untrue. Business is very personal. By the same token, I do not believe in work/life balance, as a general principle, because that would then mean that one’s work and personal lives, are, in fact, very separate aspects of one’s life, and that there would/should be a separation between the two that can be balanced.

My perspective on this is that today, more than ever, we are building more dimensions of connectedness than anyone has ever seen. Technology has made it easier to get and stay connected, and people are leveraging the various technologies and networks like never before – this isn’t going away, it is only become more critical to how we live.

In their recent book, The 2020 Workplace, Jeanne Meister and Karie Willyerd, talk about a concept they call “Weisure”. I don’t know that Meister and Willyerd coined the term, but it speaks to the perspective to which I subscribe. There is no separation. There is no 9-5 for work. Work is woven into personal lives and vice versa. Philanthropy, community service, youth athletics, exercise, faith based relationships, work and more are taking place 24/7, and adapting a healthy and blended approach to living a fulfilled life is critical to one’s personal and business success.

This does not mean that a person cannot be totally present in personal moments with a spouse, kids, friends or elsewhere. What it does mean is that our relationships and interactions have transformed and continue transforming at light speeds. How and when we communicate, how we leverage relationships to create value in the marketplace, and how we effectively prioritize and execute our life strategies will drive current and future successes.

Some people still don’t buy in to this concept of “weisure” (whether you call it that or something else), but I can tell you for sure (as sure as I am about anything in life), if you aspire to lead a team, group or organization that is multi-generational, you need to get with the program, because Gen X, Gen Y, and Millenials came out of the womb with this in their DNA.

I’m curious where you are on the subject and what you see….


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