Posted by: drewdice | July 12, 2011

But do you own it?

I was speaking with one of my favorite people, Kim Kemp, the other day – we engaged in a discussion around trust building, listening, influencing, and advancing business relationships – these are all things that are critical to personal and professional development, and, in my opinion, living a more connected and fulfilling life.

At one point in our conversation, we were discussing the relationship between processes – and in this context I’d say it was more about how sales professionals and organizations have defined steps and stages in a sales process – and connecting.

Here is the difference, and I hope I do justice to the discussion Kim and I had:

– Process focus – individuals are focused on following steps, ‘telling’, i.e. here is what I have to sell, here is how it will benefit you, here is what I think we can help you with. Don’t get me wrong, defined processes have good value to a person, team or organization. That said, when the focus is more on the process than the discussion or the person, potential impact and value are likely lost.

– Connecting focus – the word Kim used with me was ‘internalized’. When an individual takes ownership of a topic, or subject matter, or a theme, or a challenge, there is a subtle, yet profound transformation that occurs. Talking to the facts and figures of something is much different than speaking it from the heart, from a perspective of ‘being it’, ‘living it’, and sharing stories and perspective about the ‘it’, so the person(s) with whom you are speaking gain massive value from the discussion – and this has nothing to do with selling. Much like Aikido, this is about listening, and being nimble and agile enough to listen and flow with a discussion, yet still apply an invisible hand to guide the discussion forward.

This type of internalizing comes from, again, in my opinion, passion – almost an obsessive and relentless drive – to serve, to understand, to create value – in sales, in personal relationships, and in life.

The reflection with Kim shed additional light on the subject for me – I hope you can see opportunities where you apply this mindset, and others where deeper internalization and ownership can help drive even more value for you and the people with whom you connect.


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