Posted by: drewdice | September 28, 2011

The Force

In discussions with many clients, we continue hearing about their businesses moving from strategy formulation towards strategy execution. After spending the last couple of years in more conservative and cash conscious positions, launching initiatives to drive efficiencies through lean process improvements, head count reductions, and various cost cutting, customers are now recognizing that driving top line revenues is more critical than ever in creating sustainable growth.

What we often uncover during discussions with our customers, however, is that thier approach to launching and managing initiatives, is much like what you will see in this video. Specifically, what we see is a lack of transparency in what drives successful initiatives – what creates traction and drives business outcomes; how to understand the capacity that key employees do or do not have to drive the most important initiatives to successful completion. Instead, what is more common is allocating people and money towards major initiatives (new system implementations, mergers, acquisitions, new product launches), without clarity and alignment around what initiative success actually looks like, and specifically what needs to happen with regards to people, processes, leadership, organizational context (barriers and unintended consequences, for example).

As opposed to relying on the Force in gaining initiative success, click here for an alternate approach and perspective in achieving sustainable success with business initiatives.

May the Force be with you on your path to higher levels of business performance……

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