Posted by: drewdice | October 11, 2011

The Black Hole

Recently, someone asked me what gets me charged up every day – in the face of stress, economic turbulence, the ‘uncertainty’ that comes with leading sales teams, and what he termed “so much to be pessimistic about”.

You can imagine that with me, this could be quite a long conversation. For the purpose of this post, I’ll try to keep it somewhat short and share with you what I think is most relevant to driving business forward:

Part of what makes me jump out of bed every day is that I have the privilege, on a daily basis, to immerse myself and my team in the critical challenges that face our customers, and have the good fortune to assist these clients in transforming their teams, business units, organizations and overall business results.

An example: When I met with a prospective client recently who expressed that he felt his team was quickly moving towards a ‘black hole’ and he was looking for our help in avoiding that destination, I was struck, once again, by the opportunity in front of us.
In this case, this client’s organization was spending a tremendous amount of time, energy, resources and money across multiple business initiatives – all of which were pointed at getting the organization highly competitive in today’s complex and quickly changing business environment. Over the recent number of years, his organization had undergone immense changes, shedding businesses, reorganizing, strategizing, and, all the while, trying to refocus on their core business – they had lost their way, so to speak, and significant market share, as a result.

What was leading them towards this black hole, in his opinion, was not that the organization was not willing or able to allocate funds and attention to remedy their challenges, but rather the opposite – they were allocating significant money, time and energy in various initiatives. The challenge in front of this client was that he (and his team, as well as senior leadership) had not transparency into which initiatives were on track to succeed, which ones were at risk of failure, which new initiatives to launch, which ones to stop, and how to gain insight into growing concerns, such as resource constraints, bottlenecks and where tensions may appear by launching or running too many initiatives.

We are in the process of working to assist our client (through leveraging the RWD Clarity Framework and our approach to Initiative Success – visit this link for more information) – in remedying this situation – not just for today, but in a sustainable way as his business progresses and thrives.

Not every black hole manifests itself in exactly the same way from business to business.
So, my questions for you to consider are these:

• What is your black hole?
• What are the sources of tension or challenges that are pushing/pulling your organization towards the black hole?
• What are the costs to your organization (today and in the future) of not changing course?

Upon the start of this reflection, my hope for you is that you begin to gain insight and clarity into how to transform your business and get rooted to what truly charges you up in what you do every day. Fired up, unstoppable and driven to succeed are conscious choices – what choice have you made?

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