Posted by: drewdice | December 13, 2011

Get fit!

Getting fit takes discipline, dedication, energy, sacrifice, pain (sometimes physical and/or mental) – and so is it any wonder that at a time when it seems that the masses lack the moxie to ‘stick to it’ that people are more out of shape than ever? Statistics show that more people try and fail at exercise (and eating healthy, and quitting smoking) than succeed. In my opinion, this is downright criminal.

What happens that when we have more access to information and education than ever, that health and wellness actually worsens??? Baffling, to say the least – or is it?

I see very much the same thing when it comes to business – organizations, leaders and front line performers have access to more data and information that could help them make sound business decisions than ever. Social networks offer easier access to customer input, insights and desires than ever before – and yet, consumer trust is down, overall levels of employee engagement (with the customer and the organization) continue declining, and, as opposed to thriving, business are limping along, struggling to keep their doors open and profits healthy (from the continued big pharma continued cutbacks to the small businesses who close their doors within the first year of operation).

The remedy? Here is one recipe for success:

– Start with culture, and align everything with the mission, values and goals. Whether we are talking about an organization aiming to prosper, or an individual seeking to improve her health, having a purpose that stands out like a beacon of light is a critical component. Being a part of something bigger than onesself brings immense power – one does not seek to get healthy and fit for the sake of being healthy and fit – there is a bigger purpose (legacy for children, as an example). By the same token, transformational organizations do not exist solely to make a profit. Profit is a by product of something greater. And when individuals feel connected to that mission, energy, engagement, and production will rise

– Apply the FID principle: Frequency, Intensity, Duration. Whether we are talking about exercise, sales, or overall business, these 3 components are critical to long term success:

– How frequently will you: exercise, rest, strategize, energize, direct, lead, plan

– With what intensity will you: exercise, strategize, plan, sell, lead – is it a ‘box checking’ activity, being performed solely to say the task was completed, or, is the passion of the mission and larger goals behind the activity? While this nuance is minor, the impact is massive

– How long will this session last to: burn the needed calories, get the team aligned, properly map an account plan, understand customer or market analytics to make more effective business decisions

This is a critical time and place – as individuals, businesses and communities. It is time to get FIT and Healthy – and not just because a new year is around the corner. Are you ready?

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