Posted by: drewdice | December 29, 2011

Purposeful Execution

During a recent discussion with a client, he shared that the coming year was not really about setting new paths or strategies. Would his organization be doing so? Absolutely – in fact, they were in the midst of some large strategic shifts at the time we met. The key to his team’s success, in his opinion, lies not in charting the new course, however. Success exists in his two words:

Purposeful Execution

I could not agree more with his sentiments. Strategy formulation is very important in charting the course and setting the vision of how a team or organization will achieve the mission. None of it really means anything, though, without intentional, diligent and purposeful execution.

As we move forward into the coming year, I encourage you (as I know our client would, as well), to reflect on what it will take for you to successfully transform your team, business unit, organization, community – how will you execute flawlessly to ensure the realization of the strategic intent (of whatever is being executed).

Studies show that 70% of initiatives fail to deliver the intended business results. I’m not ok with that. Are you?

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