Posted by: drewdice | January 22, 2012

Can’t Wait to Meet You!!

Outstanding service experiences at restaurants are few and far between – so, when they occur, it really blows me away.

If you’ve not yet been to Alchemy in Hampden, Maryland, it is worth the trip, and then some.

What I love about it:

– Humble, yet enthuisastic and hospitable staff, from the host/hostess and service staff to the chefs and management
– Outstanding food!
– Cozy and hip atmosphere
– They are very clear on their purpose – why the owners opened the restaurant and what they stand for – and this is apparent everywhere – from the decor to the staff interactions with customers.

JoAnn and I had lunch there this weekend – and so here is what blew me away –

– After ordering our food, we decided that we wanted soup (by the way, their Carmelized Onion Soup, with grueyere cheese is the best I’ve ever had!). Our waitress slid back our entrees to get the soup in between the appetizers and main lunch course.

– Just as we finished the soup, she was there with our entrees (Chorizo Burgers, which were also great) and this statement……”I hope it is ok that I brought your burgers out – THEY COULDN’T WAIT TO MEET YOU!!”.

That was the most creative way I’ve ever heard a server say to a customer that your food is ready, I don’t want it to be past peak readiness, so let’s move the meal forward, people….

Such a small thing, but so welcoming, original and comfortable, all I could do was laugh out loud, compliment her and thank her….and the food was perfect.

If you haven’t been to Alchemy yet, I bet their food just can’t wait to meet you, either!

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