Posted by: drewdice | February 1, 2012

Closing the gap

Driving to work today, did I really see a woman flick a cigarette butt out of her window as she was speeding down I95?

My initial reactions:

– With so much focus on the importance of a clean and sustainable environment, why are people still so frivolously still littering?
– I hope she doesn’t work in an office with other people – since she was smoking in her car with the windows up, she is going to STINK! Could she lack that much social and self awareness?
– As I saw her in the car, she also had her cell phone to her ear – are you joking? Smoking and talking on the phone – without bluetooth? Could you disregard safety on the road any more obnoxiously?

Sorry if it sounds like I am griping, but it struck me as very odd – and then I thought – GAP. There is always a gap between strategy and execution. In business, in teams, in countries and individuals. My story in this case:

– the woman did not consciously decide to jeopardize her safety and that of others when she started her drive to work
– she did not make an intentional decision to bring noxious odors to those around her, as a result of her smoking in a car with the windows closed
– she did have intentions of having a productive, safe, healthy day, in which she had positive and meaningful interactions with others

So, if what I believe to be true is the case, what happened and how do we get better at closing the gap?

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