Posted by: drewdice | March 12, 2012

More Weight

How much can you handle? How much should you handle? If you are leading a team or organization, how do you know how much others can handle?
In Arthur Miller’s The Crucible, Giles Corey, at a time when he is being physically pressed to death under inquisition, remarks: “More Weight”.

I first read The Crucible in 11th grade English, with Mr. Kovalevich – who I still hold as my favorite teacher of all time. To this day, “More Weight” has stayed with me – and I’ve applied my own context to it. I encourage you to do the same.

Corey’s statement, at least, was a statement to the courts who were running the inquisition/punishment – that he would not succumb to their pressure, at any cost. For me, the application includes:

– A belief that we are limited in understanding just how much we are capable of achieving – and that opposed to limiting our possibilities, we should continuously strive to find new ways to give, create, thrive and have impact.

– A belief that we can always find the time needed. When I enrolled in the EMBA program at Loyola University, my classmates and I wondered where we would find an additional 30-35 hours per week to study, write, plan, learn, collaborate – to get what we needed from the program. We found it – and then some – because we were committed to a vision of gaining critical knowledge, experiences, and connections that would allow us to have a more significant impact in our community than we would otherwise have.

– A belief that we need to progress. In my opinion, stagnation leads to regression and atrophy. We must always be learning, achieving and progressing. Pushing past what we know and how we know it leads to progress. Whether in academia, work or play, we need to be moving forward.

So, I ask you – where are you taking on more weight?

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