Posted by: drewdice | December 31, 2012

Be the Change


Much like many businesses and consumers have conditioned themselves and been conditioned to buy or sell with a cyclical rhythm to sales, discounts and deals, so too do many individuals, teams, organizations, governments, (you get the picture) condition themselves that there is a magic to starting anew when the calendar turns January 1 of a new year.

Think about it:

-health and fitness goals

– career goals

– educational goals

– monetary goals

-familial goals

-religious goals

While I absolutely believe in the power and importance of having clearly articulated, documented goals, I offer for consideration that today – any day – is the best time to chart the course (or update a currently charted course) for personal and professional growth, along with the associated impact created as a by-product of that growth.

Here are elements of a recipe that will foster continuous improvement, progress, impact and fulfillment:

Stay true to your purpose: Many find the topic of ‘following one’s passion’ to be a chicken-or-egg discussion. Does one discover her passion first and then follow it, or, is a better approach to ‘do some stuff’, and uncover passion along the way? My personal belief is that our passions are alive inside us, sometimes waiting to be realized and fulfilled, and that finding ways to live into one’s passions is a powerful way to live. What organizations one serves, what charitable organizations with whom one chooses to affiliate, what professional and personal circles one creates – can all align with one’s passion.

Reflect early and often: Daily reflection brings immense learning and insight – and can help to avoid repeated mistakes, wasted time and energy, while also increasing positive impact.

Give endlessly: I never quite understood the phrase “give until it hurts” – why would giving hurt? Quite to the contrary, not giving hurts – individuals, organizations, communities. Each of us has more than adequate mental and physical capacity to have positive impact by giving. ‘Exercising this muscle’ yields immeasurable benefit.

Continuous learning: Question everything – seek to understand the true needs – of loved ones, friends, business partners, customers – only through understanding can we create alignment, meaningful relationships, loyalty and relationships well beyond a transactional level

Feel free to mix these ingredients with your favorite recipe – and continue experimenting on an ongoing basis. I look forward sharing in your growth and evolution.

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