Posted by: drewdice | January 6, 2013

Critical Path to high performance – part 1

Each of us has very personal goals and aspirations – like us, they are unique to us.

Even so, there are some core and common components to high performance that we all share – one is ‘continuous learning’.

I believe that people want to do well, do good, and progress. For this to occur, learning must be an integral part of the equation.

In your quest for progress and achievement, here a one way to help you make continuous learning part of your every day:

– Be your own observer: If you surround yourself with a solid peer group and mentors, you will get feedback to help you grow. That said, mastering the art of self reflection holds tremendous power and value. How?

– Ask ‘what’ and ‘how’ questions: ‘What did I learn through that experience?’ ‘How could we accomplish a better outcome?’ ‘What did I/we miss?’ ‘If I/we could do one thing differently, what would it be?’

To do this successfully, there are two key component of being one’s own observer:

– Make the time to do this consistently
– Be a conscious observer (externally and internally) through daily interactions, projects and initiatives

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