Posted by: drewdice | January 12, 2013

Spotting Jim

I was reading a blog post by Ted Coine earlier today,, and it really struck me – how often I see companies struggling with the people part of the equation:

– Finding good people (by good, I’m not just talking about the folks who have the requisite skills, competencies and experience. I mean the cultural fits – people who share the same values and belief systems. I’ll take these folks over the skilled, but culturally mismatched any day)

– Successfully onboarding and launching new hires (it doesn’t matter if it is a front line employee or senior executive, onboarding is critical. The first 90 days sets the tone for the new hire’s future at the firm. Are they getting the right blend of formal and informal learning? Understanding how to successfully navigate the organization – roles, responsibilities, cultural norms, politics – you know – ‘the way things really happen around here’? Clear expectations, measures of success, and a path to achieving success?)

– Ongoing development and engagement (too many times, organizations look back and say: ‘what happened to Jim? when we hired him, he showed so much promise; was so motivated. what changed? While I agree 100% that the individual needs to take responsibility for his/her success in a firm, so too does the organization have a responsibility to ensure that the employee is groomed, grown, provided opportunities to flourish and given regular feedback and development opportunities. Poor culture will trump a shining star anytime, and believe me, these stars have options outside of your firm)

We can, and need to do better – at Jim spotting (see Ted’s post – link earlier in this post), and just as importantly, at having the right culture, mindset, systems and processes to prevent the Jim’s from ever getting to the point of thinking about leaving.

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