Posted by: drewdice | January 30, 2013

The Engagement Ring

Sharing in the experience of the marriage of friends and family members has always provided me so much energy, joy, hope, and passion, and a vision for what these two previously separate lives can become, once united.

And I really enjoy the wedding vows – always curious to hear how people express their feelings – intimate feelings about how the other person impacts their world, and what their vision for the future together will bring.

As sentimental as I am about personal relationships in this manner – I am equally passionate about business relationships.

And so, I’ve been thinking: What would happen if we entered business relationships with a similar mindset around vows, and what the relationship really means to each other – not in a sappy way, mind you, but truly – if a long term, mutually beneficial relationship is to be formed, wouldn’t there need to be serious commitment? Through business (and personal) sickness and health? Richer or poorer? Don’t the same principles apply?

Granted, there are many things that go wrong in marriages, and massive work that needs to occur to have those relationships survive and thrive. Over 50% of marriages in the U.S. fail (I think it is even higher, now). I’d hate to think that businesses could/would/do lose 50% of their customers – that is just working too hard, for no good reason.

Think about it – what would it take for you and your organization to form such a bond with your customers where the mutual attitude is: ’till death do us part’?

What is preventing you from doing it?


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