Posted by: drewdice | May 2, 2014

Have you sounded your Barbaric YAWP today?

It is inside of you – each and every one of us has it – passion, drive, unrelenting energy, brilliance.

People accomplish amazing, transformative things every day – changing lives, positively impacting individuals, organizations, and communities.

Too often, though, many go through their days – uninspired, uninspiring, and disengaged (see the recent Gallup study results on this topic here)

Over the weekend, I happened to stumble upon one of my favorite movies, Dead Poet’s Society. That film stirs deep emotion and passion for me – for education, for creativity, for awakening one’s inner drive. It stirs in me what I live for – inspiring, equipping, awakening others (individuals, teams, organizations) to what they can really accomplish.

This scene takes the cake for me: YAWP!

My wish for you is that you discover your Barbaric YAWP. I know you’ve got it in you. Please share this post with others who you feel need to discover theirs….


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